Carl Jung said: “The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.

I am sure many psychologists would be quick to  disagree, and point to many studies which suggest genetic causes for depression. I wouldn’t rule that out, but my understanding of genetics tells me that genetic defects are relatively rare, and can’t account fully for the large numbers of people diagnosed with depression.

Many have descried the over-medication of our society and a needless and sometimes dangerous dependence on psychotropic drugs.  Are they really helping, or merely prolonging the suffering?

Of course, once a dependency on such drugs has been established, it might be dangerous to discontinue, therefore being critical of the prescription of antidepressants can seem like a dangerous opinion, in that people could be harmed if denied access to such drugs. That may be true, but possibly the error was in going the chemical route in the first place.

It may seem quaint, but there is an old saying that has kept me out of serious depression for almost my entire life: “Change what you can’t accept, and accept what you can’t change.”  Dealing with the pain, instead of running away from it, seems the right thing to do, and for me it has always worked.  Pain is a teacher, therefore the best way to overcome pain is to learn it’s lessons.


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