A word about car dealers

After many years of dealing with car dealers, I have learned a few things.  One of the most useful tools are online reviews.  Every dealer has both good and bad reviews, but the pattern emerges after reading just a few.  Whether the management puts service first or profits first, it’s fairly apparent after reading what people say after dealing with them.

It seems to make little difference whether the car-maker is domestic or import, however some of the dealers who have gone out of business with major brands often appear with a lesser import brand.  For years, some of the big dealerships built their empires on skinning every customer as much as they can, and then damning the torpedoes afterwards.  It may have paid to be an honest dealer, but it paid more to be a dishonest one.

I am quite hopeful that this may no longer be the case.  The proliferation of online ratings and reviews are creating a new type of business transparency.  As more and more buyers are becoming internet-savvy, it’s more and more important to establish a good track-record of customer satisfaction.  I encourage everyone to do a bit of online research beforehand.